Coffee and side tables – small comfortable furniture units

modern coffee table and side tables

Both types – coffee and side tables belong to occasional tables, and this means they are used from time to time. The difference between modern coffee and side tables is mostly in their size. Whereas side end tables are smaller and mostly square or round, coffee tables for sale are larger and have rectangular or oval shape. Side units have such a name as they are mostly used when being […]

How to attracts the admiring looks the marble coffee tables

marble coffee tables uk

The marble coffee tables – for such an original interior decoration, there is not a lot of fans. But it is in fact very beautiful, comfortable and durable. This product will undoubtedly attract the attention of all the guests. What are unusual shapes can create a sculptor, using stone! Curved legs, round coasters, set of shelves – a marble top coffee tables takes the vintage look, and causes the pleasant […]

End tables and coffee tables for various purposes

end tables and coffee tables

End tables and coffee tables belong to one type – occasional furniture. It means you do not use these units regularly like a dining table or a desk – for dining or for working. Coffee and end tables are used “on occasions” – any time you want to drink a cup of coffee or tea – alone or with your friends. Use it like “helping surfaces” for keeping extra food […]

Modern Glass Coffee Tables Create Extravagant and Fresh Interiors

modern glass wood coffee tables

Making your choice within modern glass coffee tables you have the unique chance to transform your dull and unattractive home interior into an interesting and unique space of not just living, but enjoying your every day! These marvelous furniture pieces come to make our lives more lively and joyful due to their unique and fantastic design solutions. Round, oval, rectangle, triangle, square, and even free form of glass tables are […]

The multifunction custom coffee tables

custom coffee tables uk

The custom coffee tables are so versatile that you can use them anywhere. Would you like to drink hot tea, but nowhere to put the cup? You love to look through at your leisure and the magazine, but it is constantly lost sight of? Can not find a suitable place for a vase of flowers? This product fits perfectly for all of the above functions. Due to their low weight, […]

Oval coffee tables from Target as the best way to renovate the house

extension coffee table target recall

Why oval coffee tables from Target make our homes cozier? Because this furniture is extremely stylish. All we want our apartments to look like luxury hotel rooms. But doing is always much harder than dreaming. Home renovating is a difficult process. First, an owner must decide if he will do it by himself or ask professional for a help. Well, the second variant is not such a bad idea, especially […]

Nice coffee tables for your home

nice coffee table books

Soon after the time they appeared, coffee (or cocktail) tables were rather expensive, but today nice coffee tables can be bought for the sum of money you can pay at a time. If $200-$600 paid for a cool table several dozens years ago was a large sum ( buyers even used to pay credit for this furniture unit), today this price seems pretty affordable. Stylish wooden Thomasville coffee tables with […]

Coffee table with wheels

Coffee glass right table with wheels

Nowadays coffee tables are not just a useful piece of furniture. Designers from the whole planet have already used coffee tables as part of a contemporary interior. Fancy coffee tables equipped with wheels are very convenient to move to a sofa or a chair. Such coffee tables with wheels can stand on hard floors, and the soft carpet.

Oak Side Tables are Practical and Elegant

oak side table with marble top

Placing oak side tables in one of the rooms in your house is an excellent way to brighten up the whole room meanwhile providing extra comfort within the house. Irrespective of the room’s size, these tables suit perfectly to any room, as they are mainly placed either in the corners or beside the bed or sofa. They are so convenient and practical when the matter concerns space saving as well! […]

Cheap and expensive – cool small coffee tables

small coffee tables cheap

Today small coffee tables became popular due to their low price and size. It is also easy to choose the model you like. Being very compact, small side tables fit most rooms. Combining several side tables for small spaces, you can “build” a set for rest. If you place 2 couches nearby and fit a small table between them, this unit will join both couches into one. Placing several side […]