Distressed coffee tables for your home interior

distressed look coffee tables

Distressed coffee tables look as if they are aged and touched with time and weather. The methods of “aging” the furniture give it a rustic look. So if you are fond of antique things and your house or a separate room interior designed can be called antique or ancient, ot even simply country, distressed wood coffee tables will ideally fit your home atmosphere and style. Zuo distressed side tables and […]

The interesting facts about the Ikea side tables

ikea side tables for living room

The Ikea side tables are those attributes of furniture that are appropriate in any interior, from living rooms to office space. An interesting fact is that the coffee table was very popular long before the first magazines. In those days it was called a coffee table, meanwhile, its function was similar to the present: a comfortable, lightweight, versatile item of furniture designed to accommodate small items. Vase of flowers, fruits, […]

Unusual coffee table

Unusual coffee table with glass

Unusual coffee table can be a great focal point of any living space. A nice and comfortable coffee table will also perfectly decorate the place at which you spend your free time.

Bent glass coffee table

Bent long design glass coffee table

It is impossible to imagine the interior of any comfortable home without a coffee table. It previously served as a miniature piece of furniture on which newspapers, magazines, TV remote were put. In the modern sense coffee tables are decorated with statues, boxes and souvenirs.

Round wood coffee table

Round big wood coffee table

Characteristically, timber has been always the most common material for a round wood coffee table production. This fact has a logical enlightenment: wood is very easy to fit into any style. It is also very appropriate for any color.

Coffee tables for small spaces

Coffee tables for small spaces

Coffee tables have always been considered an attribute of luxury and gentility. Today, modern interior design cannot be imagined without this versatile device. Now we will tell you about coffee tables for small spaces. We will also give some examples of how such things can be combined with other elements of your apartment decor.

The wicker rattan coffee tables

rattan coffee table round

In today’s world it is fashionable to use in interior decoration of natural materials, and especially popular the rattan coffee tables. Wicker rattan furniture just created on the basis of clean wood. Rattan – a kind of tropical lianas, which is 250 m long and has a smooth trunk. Natural flexibility and subsequent steaming allows the master to create products absolutely any form and lines. The centerpieces for coffee tables […]

Who should choose acrylic coffee tables?

acrylic coffee table square

Choosing between wooden, glass-topped and acrylic coffee tables , give preference to the last variant in the following cases: 1. You want a good looking durable budget unit, 2. You have children and pets in your house, 3. Your home design is modern, 4. You are a very busy person. All above mentioned stuff is easy to explain. Today acrylic coffee tables for sale cost approximately 20-50% less than wooden […]

White round coffee table

White big round coffee table

A coffee table is an important attribute of any living room. It must be chosen according to the needs of residents and the room interior. If you are going to store only books and desks, you need a table with shelves for stuff. If you plan organizing frequent coffee meetings, then you will definitely need a coffee table-transformer.

Contemporary coffee tables design

Contemporary right gray coffee tables

Contemporary coffee tables are an essential part of any house. As a rule, around them there is a main comfort zone: sofas and chairs, where people spend leisure time and communicate with guests.