Luxury gold coffee tables for a stunning look of your house

gold coffee table diy

Luxury gold coffee tables will add a special glamour to the atmosphere in your home. These furniture units are never cheap, and sometimes are even too much expensive, although they are not offered for the mass consumer. Gold side tables are designed to decorate gorgeous hotels and prestigious institutions. Having such a coffee or gold bedside table will accentuate your wealth and prosperity, so these furniture units are very popular […]

Expensive Coffee Tables: Symbols of Luxury and Wealth

expensive wooden coffee tables

Owning a fortune, one can afford choosing among the most expensive coffee tables, which will not serve as the real proof of one’s delicate and high taste, but also will show off his wealth. Not everyone can afford to obtain a coffee table, whereas for rich people purchasing expensive and luxurious furniture pieces is an investment. One can find precious tables within any style including vintage, contemporary or glamorous. Any […]

How to choose a copper coffee tables

copper coffee table uk

The copper coffee tables is an essential part of any living room. It can tell a lot about their owners: style, reading interests, sometimes even age. This is not only functional but also decorative element that can be a bright focal point of your living room. To date variety of a clear coffee tables is incredibly huge, so before looking for “your”, you should answer the following questions, and on […]

Modern coffee tables – renewed history

Modern wood coffee tables with storage

Modern coffee tables which are available at most stores dealing with home furniture, differ in their shapes, sizes, materials they are made from, and of course, their price. Most of modern coffee tables for sale just remind the iconic, “original” Noguchi which “was born” in 1944. The first modern coffee table had a glass top of triangular shape with curved angles and a wooden base. In 1947 Herman Miller designers […]

The glass top coffee tables for a home

glass top espresso coffee table

The glass top coffee tables largely made of a combination of wood and glass, or glass with a metal. However, there are tables that have in its composition of wood, metal and glass elements at the same time. Our site contains a list of coffee tables that meet the demand of even the most selective buyers with a great sense of taste. The height of the coffee tables there are […]

Brighten your life with stunning colorful coffee tables

colorful round coffee tables

If you feel one day your house looks too dull, the time to change your home interior has come – get colorful coffee tables , and you will see how your house atmosphere will change. Do not worry if your budget is too tough to buy beautiful expensive wooden cherry coffee tables or modern furniture made from glass and metal. You can do yourself a unique espresso coffee table , […]

The popular trunk coffee tables

trunk coffee tables australia

Recently, in a modern interior became popular the trunk coffee tables. For the conversion of a trunks into the coffee table you need these materials and tools: a dry stump, chisel and hammer, sandpaper medium and coarse grit, wet rag, stain, clear polyurethane lacquer, brush legs with screws, drill with appropriate drill, a pencil, a ruler. The workpiece in the form of a stump you can search in the forest, […]

Wrought iron coffee tables – stylish metal heaviness

oval wrought iron coffee table with glass top

Among other furniture units wrought iron coffee tables have a separate place. Unlike glass or wooden, plastic or acrylic tables, iron coffee tables may serve you for many years. A good stylish table made from wrought iron can become even a part of a family heritage. It is so durable and can’t be “out-of-fashion”, that several generations can use it. Although these tables can’t be even called “furniture” they are […]

Glass and Wood Coffee Tables: Mixture of Two Great Styles

Wood and glass brown coffee table with drawers

Glass and wood coffee tables look fantastic with the combination of these two materials. Wood has always been that very material, which creates traditional and elegant designs, while glass brings forward a contemporary and unique appearance. Combining glass and wood, designers have reached an outstanding result of beautiful, timeless elegant and at the same time bold and unique looks. One of the most interesting and marvelous models with these two […]

Long coffee tables advantages

long coffee table with drawers

Long coffee tables belong to the “family”of convenient occasional tables. This means they serve for placing and keeping there various things temporary. As the table is long, you may organize tea or coffee, cocktails or drinks for the whole family or a small company. If a side table is used by one person as a rule, an “average” coffee table is perfect for two or sometimes three persons, the longer […]