Convenient coffee tables on wheels

coffee tables with wheels uk

Convenient coffee tables on wheels are mobile and can be used anywhere in your house. The rollers make it possible to move the table in any needed direction. Very often coffee tables with wheels are used by hotels services. You order breakfast or lunch for example, and in several minutes you get it – a small compact coffee table with rollers serves as a breakfast table and a cart. You […]

So different sofa side tables

side tables sofa tables

Modern sofa side tables which are called end tables in other words, will help in adding more functional space to your house. As these couch side tables are created to be placed on either side of a bed ( couch, sofa or a recliner), they can have different table design. The leg or such a furniture unit may be not placed in the middle under the table top. There are […]

The designer coffee tables in our lives

quality designer coffee tables

In everyday life, you can call a designer coffee tables as a special object of the interior. In any room it perfectly fit into the design. In the living room, in the bedroom, in the kitchen it will serve as a stand for the usual tea and coffee service for the newspapers and journals, for a typical ashtray. Although the the coffee table a little functional, but that does not […]

Slate coffee tables – never the same

round slate coffee tables

Slate coffee tables are made from natural wood an stones. As a rule, the frame and base of such a table is wooden ( oak, cherry, elm ) and the surface of its top is covered with slate tiles. As the variety of natural stones color shades is endless, you will never find any slate side table or cocktail table with a stone top which are the same. It means […]

Nesting coffee tables – when one makes three

modern nesting coffee tables

Nesting coffee tables is a group of tables differing in size, but similar in shape. Assembled into one big unit, the tables can serve like one unit. Each table separately can be an independant furniture item. Some nesting side tables have the similar shape and size when being used one by one. All together these nesting wood side tables represent a new piece of furniture, which differs in size, shape […]

Side Tables with Drawers: Extra Storage Space at Your Place

mirrored side tables with drawers

Placing side tables with drawers at your home, you not only get a fresher and more beautiful interior, but also get a tidier and neater house. These tables are extremely comfortable ad practical as they can store quite a lot of various stuff including magazines, journals, books, remote controls and many other things, that have to be kept within easy reach. Hence people have started to choose storage coffee tables […]

Beautiful round coffee tables and small side tables

round coffee tables with glass top

The shape of round coffee tables is perfect for conversation, making new friends and simply decorating your home. If a square or rectangular table is mostly a functional furniture unit, featuring additional shelves and drawers, even storages for keeping things on and in, coffee tables of round shape may decorate your room. Place a vase with flowers, candles, a mirror on the table surface, and your room will look different. […]

Contemporary coffee tables for less and…more

contemporary coffee and end table sets

It is impossible to call the right number of contemporary coffee tables existing on the modern market of furniture for home. It becomes particularly noticeable when holidays come. Then the offers to save much encrease rapidly. Online market of contemporary side tables compete with various retailers, markets, warehouses, thrift stores and even private sellers who offer their stuff at garage sales. As a part of customers is very interested to […]

Rustic Side Tables Provide Comfortable and Friendly Look of Your Interior

Rustic coffee and side tables UK

Irrespective of your home interior rustic side tables will only add special charm to it. Even if the interior of your house is an electric mixture of contemporary and modern, these practical and comfortable furnishing items will undoubtedly add beauty and an industrial-chic appearance. They can be used as magnificent bedside tables, where you can place all your journals and books you love to read in the bed, or living […]

Moroccan Side Tables: Whimsical Art Pieces

cheap moroccan coffee tables

Moroccan side tables are gifted with unique and breathtaking power of adding an Eastern breath of mystery, and a kind of melancholic, imagination capturing feeling. With these exceptionally beautiful furnish items, your home décor will undoubtedly acquire an enigmatic touch. Be sure your guests will get stricken with the incredible beauty and delicacy Eastern style coffee and side tables possess. If you have determined to add a charming Moroccan accent […]